And We Are Back!

By | July 7, 2017

Did you miss me? It took a lot of work to get the map back up and stable again. Not to mention it happened in the middle of me starting a backyard deck project. Yes, I have things to do outside of running the map, haha! Anyways, just to make this short, all previously scanned locations and locations donated during the downtime have all been added. We have been up for a few weeks now and dealt with some 3rd party service issues (still potentially ongoing) as well as the API Update. But as the map was scanning everything should be up and running smooth now.

If you donated for a dedicated scanned location and you don’t see it on the map, please comment below and let me know.

5 thoughts on “And We Are Back!

  1. dino

    why is it only showing the number of the pokemon instead of the actual Pic of the little sucker? I don’t know and can’t remember the numbers and looking at the pic made it soooo much easier. (I don’t know if my screen is set to look for only numbers or not…. and if it is… how do i fix it????? (thank you…. btw….. with this I’ve been able to fill out my pokedex really well…. down to 4 more!!!!)
    any help you can give would be awesome


    1. v2Mike Post author

      Hey, the scanned area you requested is working now. Thanks!

  2. Gbern94

    Hello i recently purchased a $10 a month membership. My problem is the map wont show recent activity. I need help


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