New! Dedicated Scanned Locations Request v2

By | July 7, 2017

So previously with my old scanner I had to use hexagons and distance from the center but with the current pokemon scanner I can draw all kinds of shapes. Here are the new updated instructions to send me what I need for a new dedicated scanned location. New areas require a 3 square mile minimum, so that is a minimum cost of $50 up front. For existing areas you would like to grow, there is only a 1 square mile minimum, but still have to apply the setup fee of $20. More on that below.

Here are the instructions to send me exactly what I need to pinpoint the scanned location and for you to visualize the area that will be scanned.

Step 1: Draw your polygon

Use this link:

Draw on the map no more than 8 points. Typically about 4-6 is ideal for most cases. Measure the area by using the square miles under the map. I am setting the following rates for new scanned locations.

$20 for setup
$10 for each square mile

Example: You send me coordinates for a 4 square mile area, add $20 for setup and $40 for the area, in this case you would donate $60 and post the coordinates at the last page.

Note: You can grow an existing area as small as 1 square mile at $10, but the $20 fee still applies since it still takes me time to implement it. Expansions must be adjacent to a currently scanned location. To find where it is currently scanning, use the show pidgey method, and use that to start one side of your new area. It works best. Again, all new areas not adjacent to anything already scanned has a 3 square mile minimum charge. Kind of pointless to scan something smaller than that anyways.

Step 2: Export the lat/lng

Use the Export Lat/Lng button to see a list of the latitude and longitude coordinates. I need the entire box of coordinates copied and pasted in the last part of the donation page.

export lat lng

Step 3: Donate and Submit


Here is the link for the donation page. Once you complete the paypal payment you will see a page that says “take me back to the merchant” or something like that. There you can copy and paste the lat/lon into the scanned location, or just tell me after you have your confirmation receipt.

Once the order is placed and you have sent everything to me that I need, you can expect it to take up to 7-10 days to get turned on. Generally speaking I can turn them around in a few days but I can’t guarantee that it will be done that quickly. Most scanned locations that others have submitted I get done within 3 days.

9 thoughts on “New! Dedicated Scanned Locations Request v2

  1. Slippery

    Can somebody tell me why the site doesn’t use my location even if I have start at my position turned on. It always goes to downtown and I have to move it manually

  2. v2Mike Post author

    Join the discord server and ask in the #support channel and we can help you with that!

  3. Matt Baxter

    hello mike I’m not sure I can fully figure out how to copy and paste it from that cord page but can u contact me at [edited] I’d like to pay a donation for 3.60 mile or the 4 miles area maybe a 5th mile as well thank you.

  4. Jeffrey

    Hey so is this not a garantee thing if we pay. We in Columbus have all but anything west of I65 it is 3.44 square mile. So is that 60$?? And it said that there needs to be lots of people donation in the section does that mean if we donate the 3.44 spare miles may not be scaned

      1. v2Mike Post author

        Jeffery, If you look at the map I can guarantee if you follow the instructions I will scan that area for as long as I can, if I don’t scan it for at least 30 days, I will issue a refund. As for the miles, just use basic rounding. 3.4 = 3 and 3.5 = 4. If you need help, reach out to us in the #support channel of Discord. There is a link to join the discord server in the menu under notifications. As for the reference to others donating, that may be related to large group submissions or asking for people to sign up for a membership so that they can support the ongoing costs of keeping the map running.

  5. Jeffrey

    So un related but the new map screen talks about the vip. It is so tall that when you try to click to top right x it clicks the the bars that shows the quantity of the Pokémon. Just wanted to let you know


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