Map Blinding

By | May 21, 2017

There is a new Niantic account ban we have called account “Blinding” that has caused our map and many others to show only common pokemon. It’s not a map crushing problem but I will be turning the scanners off until I can get a handle on what the exact issue is as well as the time I need to rebuild all of my resources. This is just another Niantic, tactic to stop spoofers and bots but also hurts our maps as well. I will keep you updated. You can find more information here:

2 thoughts on “Map Blinding

  1. Tyler Thomas

    Is columbus going back on map would also like to know if u could add taylorsvile

  2. v2Mike Post author

    They all will go back on the map once I have recovered from the new issue. You can wait to donate once I have everything fixed or you can donate now and it will be up once all areas are back online. Up to you.


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