Scheduled Outage – Internet Upgrade

By | May 16, 2017

So we have obviously grown a lot faster than I expected. With all the new scanned locations and the users that have been hitting the map, I hit my Comcast Xfinity Monthly Data Plan 50% quota by May 11th, and now today (May 16th) have hit 70%. With that being said, I made a call to Comcast Business Class Internet and will be getting a similar monthly plan for about 50% more than what I was previously paying. The difference being that I won’t have a data cap and overage charges. Luckily they can get me in this Thursday afternoon.

Comcast Xfinity Data Plan Usage Cap
Thursday May 18th from ~11am to ~6pm or possibly later

What does this mean? It means from about 11am on Thursday, May 18th until I am back online, the map will be down and all scanning will be stopped. The good news is this should be a short outage and I expect to be up and running by about 5 or 6pm but it might be later. During this time if you try to access the map I plan to set it to actually redirect you to this page of my blog in case you didn’t see this post. Which brings me to my next point. When there are issues or outages I typically will send a post out to our Facebook Group Pokemon Go Map: Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas  @IndyPokeMap But what if you don’t have Twitter or Facebook? Easy! Just bookmark the Twitter page, you can check it for updates even if you don’t have an account. Lastly, Please use the buttons below to share this page with other local Facebook groups and/or friends you know that use the map.



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