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By | April 12, 2017

You may have found this site now since I updated the map and created a link. Before today it was still in general development but I wanted to get some good updates in here before linking to it. I am not very good about posting updates, especially long winded ones but feel free to check back here to see what’s new and what is in the works.

Recent Changes:

Added 2 new menu sections. The first is for posting updates and general stuff. You will notice a Reset Settings option. This will actually clear your local storage (similar to clearing cookies) but what it also does is add all of my standard pokemon for notifications and sets the notify by IV option to 90%.

The 2nd menu section is where I will place all of the shortcuts that will jump you to the different scanned locations in the map. Because of the way I label these for now I am just using my “shortname” which is just my internal abbreviation for each spot.

I also removed the ads in the bottom of the screen. There are a few in the Message of the Day but it just wasn’t adding up to that much. Hopefully I can get people to donate the equivilent in ad returns.

Donation Fund:

I figured by now you also notice the donation fund goal on the right hand side. I hope you can donate if you can. I added up my recent upgrades to the servers in preparation for future expansions. My total cost last month for this expansion alone was $2,300 so I set a goal for that exact amount. My site and other services also have costs but this is for everyone to contribute and see where we are at getting some of the costs spread out. More on the donation fund to come.

For now! Enjoy the new site and save it in your bookmarks!

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