New Expansions Complete for Brownsburg, Avon, and Anderson. More Coming!

By | April 20, 2017

Today I finished expanding the map to Brownsburg, Avon, and Anderson. These locations were sponsored by all of those who donated. If you would like an area scanned please read this post regarding donations. I have other locations I’m getting ready to expand to as well, some fully funded while others are only requests and need proper donations to be enabled. This includes Oaklandon, UIndy, Fountain Square, Southport, Bloomington, Yorktown, Muncie, Crawfordsville, Fort Wayne, Danville, more of Greenwood, Mooresville, Camby, Franklin, Martinsville, Nora, Kokomo, etc. If you would like to donate towards sponsoring one of these locations, again read this post and make sure to donate and comment which location. Keep in mind, the standard donation of $50 is to enable a single cell about a mile wide. Areas such as Bloomington, Columbus, Muncie, Fort Wayne, etc will need multiple cells to get fully covered.

Links on new scans and upcoming scans will be added to the map’s menu shortcuts tomorrow. For now here are the links to a few of the new areas.

Shortcut to: Avon –
Shortcut to: Plainfield –
Shortcut to: Greenfield –
Shortcut to: Brownsburg –
Shortcut to: Anderson –




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