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By | May 2, 2017

So I know it hasn’t been the same since Niantic recently randomized the IV values and move sets for accounts below a certain level. This was first reported here on reddit. I want you all to know I have the same frustration with this recent change. This isn’t a new tactic by Niantic as we all have experienced the same with CP levels for anyone below level 30 since early on in the game. Below is what is currently used by Niantic.

Level 1-29 = Random IV
Level 30+ = Constant IV

Level 1-24 = Random CP
Level 25-29 = Constant per level
Level 30+ = Constant for all

1-29 = Random
30+ = Constant

Let me first say this, it is an attempt by Niantic to stop botting. Plain and simple it is there to prevent botters from sniping 100% IV Pokemon which are later used for destroying the gyms we work so hard to keep. Secondly, it also caused the way our maps are able to detect the actual IV, CP, and move set for the Pokemon we find and share with you. Since that is what I consider my map, its a faster way to share with YOU (the community) when there are good Pokemon nearby! What it means for me is now I have to have my scanners level up to 30+ to give you an accurate and consistent scan.

Good News!

The map is now updated to enable my scans to find Pokemon and actually scan for a consistent IV. This also means with an accurate IV, I can also report an accurate CP and move set as well! Note: This accuracy only works for players who are level 30 and above. Everyone else will see a different IV, CP, and move set but for most of you using the map I am sure by now you are at 30+.

Bad News 🙁

Well, I have to upgrade my scanning accounts. Its going to be a longer process than I expected since Niantic also implemented daily limits to collecting Pokemon and Pokestops. At this point I don’t have an ETA but trust me, when I do you will know. More to come on this as I make my way to enabling this feature. One thing is for sure. I will not be scanning IVs on near as many pokemon. In fact, don’t even ask for Magikarp or Eevee scanning as that would take forever to scan all of those. I will post a poll before I enable IVs so you can vote. If you want to be notified when that poll is out there feel free to subscribe on the right menu (or further down on a mobile phone) Below is what the IV and CP will look like on the map.

Pokemon Go IV Stats

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