15 New or Updated Areas Expanded

By | April 24, 2017

Wow, over the weekend I got a ton of new expansions requested. Today I am proud to announce that 15 new or existing areas have been expanded and will be turned on late this evening! New areas include: U Indy, Franklin Twp SE, Franklin Twp NW, Franklin Twp Wanamaker, North Meridian, Muncie Downtown, Camby, Mooresville, Bloomington, Terre Haute, and special location for a friend’s wedding present. (Shh don’t tell them!) Expanded areas include areas that I already have been scanning but are now larger due to donations that mentioned those areas. This includes expansions for Carmel, Greenwood, and Fishers.

Here are a few of the links but the rest you can find on the menu in the map once I update it (Just click the gear in the top left)

Shortcut to: Uindy – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.7101&lon=-86.1458
Shortcut to: FranklinTwpSE – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.6871&lon=-85.9715
Shortcut to: FranklinTwpNW – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.6971&lon=-86.0638
Shortcut to: Wanamaker – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.7044&lon=-86.0166
Shortcut to: NorthMeridian – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.9307&lon=-86.1504
Shortcut to: MuncieDowntown – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=40.1944&lon=-85.3969
Shortcut to: Camby – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.6378&lon=-86.3276
Shortcut to: Mooresville – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.6218&lon=-86.3651
Shortcut to: TerreHaute – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.4612&lon=-87.3936
Shortcut to: Bloomington – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.1625&lon=-86.5201

Southside of Indy

Franklin Township



North Meridian

Camby & Mooresville

Bloomington Pokemon Go Map

Terre Haute
Terre Haute

Yorktown & Muncie
Muncie Yorktown

2 thoughts on “15 New or Updated Areas Expanded

  1. Trent Punt

    Could you please expand your Terre Haute area a few more miles so that Rose-Hulman is included in the map? That would be awesome! I love the map so much and am a huge fan! Thank you for the work that you are doing.

    1. v2Mike Post author

      I sure can! Just make sure after you donate when you see the Thank You page to put in your requested area.


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