Oaklandon, Southport, Fountain Square, Yorktown, Muncie, Brazil, Columbus Expanded

By | April 21, 2017

Well, it has been growing fast. Trying to keep up with all the requests. There are still a few more possibilities and expansions coming but these 7 are up and running now or are starting very very soon.

Shortcut to: FountainSquare – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.7528&lon=-86.1405
Shortcut to: SouthPort – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.6789&lon=-86.1379
Shortcut to: Yorktown – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=40.1843&lon=-85.4811
Shortcut to: Muncie – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=40.2151&lon=-85.4429
Shortcut to: Brazil – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.5237&lon=-87.1253
Shortcut to: ColumbusFairgrounds – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.1719&lon=-85.9433
Shortcut to: ColumbusDowntown – https://pogomap.v2mike.com/?lat=39.2105&lon=-85.9166


Fountain Square





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