Why I Love Running The Map

By | April 21, 2017

Who knew an unown spawn would bring people out playing pokemon after 10pm at night. And I know that because of my map and twitter notifications that I made this #unown #meetup possible! Thanks to Rocky for capturing the moment for me. One of these days I’ll run into one of you and I hope you all say hello. I heard there were about 20 people who made it out for this. I’ll be there next time…


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Running The Map

  1. Zach Achenbach

    i just wanted to give praise where it is due. This map is awesome!! I travel to downtown Indy a few times a months and this maps helps me out a ton. My pokedex for gen 1 is complete and gen 2 is almost there. This helps me find the rare monsters I need. Also, I live in Terre Haute, IN and would love to see this area helped out with some scans! Thank you guys so much !!

  2. Twinkle

    Thank you soooo much for your great work on this. We are loving the functionalities of this map!!


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